NOVATRON Surface mount, track light, or recessed luminaire is Mazinoor state of the art design suitable for modern retail shop and commercial lighting application. NOVATRON is offered in LED version with different optional reflectors for different beam angles. Directed light distribution, energy saving, glare control, and aesthetically beautiful design are among the highlights of this luminaire.
Luminaire variety (Diameter 6.5):

  • 10 W, LED
  • 14 W, LED
  • 18 W, LED

Luminaire variety (Diameter 9):

  • 11 W, LED
  • 20 W, LED
  • 28 W, LED
  • 31 W, LED  (ViVo®)

Luminaire variety (Diameter 12.5):

  • 34 W, LED
  • 40 W, LED  (ViVo®)