Mazinoor as the leading luminaire manufacturer in Iran with over 35 years of history designs, developes, and manufacutres a wide variety of innovative lighting solutions and aims for customer success.

The design, development, and manufacturing facilities are located on a 60,000 square meter premises in Northern Iran with more than 700 employees.Mazinoor luminaires are produced with high quality electrical components with Mazinoor precise quality control according to IEC 60598. Some of example KEMA and VDE certificates for Mazinoor products are exhibited on this website.

Products features

  • Aesthetic Beautiful & Durable
  • Comply with IEC 60598 Norm
  • Precise Quality Control
  • Stable Quality
  • European high quality electrical components inside
  • Degeasing and Phosphating prepration process in automatic Lines for Powder Coating
  • Automatic electrostatic powder coating
  • Designed for Installation and maintenance ease